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Journal log 7: Igidae Park / Haeparang Trail

Busan’s weather is quite unpredictable. It might be depressingly grey and rainy one minute, and wonderfully sunny the next. That is pretty much what happened yesterday afternoon, with the sun finally daring to show itself. As we had quite a bad weather throughout last week, we jumped on the occasion to go for a little hike.

Jiyeon had heard of Igidae park and had been wanting to go for a while. Igidae Park is fairly recent, and used to be part of a military training area before being opened to the public in 1993. It offers several routes but one amongst all is particularly well-known by locals: the portion that is part of the Haeparang Trail, a trail which follows the South Korean East Coast.

Depending on where you start your hike, you might have easier access to either the coast line, or the forested part of the park. The latter is definitely very enjoyable when the weather is getting too hot, and as a bonus, you will be able to enjoy the sweet smell of pine trees, amongst other species. Occasionally, you’ll have quite a gorgeous view of both Gwangan and Haeundae beach, which would probably be even more splendid at night, with Gwangan Bridge’s lights on (although if you’d like to go by night, definitely bring flashlights with you to avoid plunging to your death).

The coastline trail is also quite beautiful, with waves crashing at the bottom of the cliff and the ocean spreading endlessly in front of your eyes. There are also plenty of opportunities to take your daily load of pictures along the track.

At the end of the trail, near the Oryukdo SK View buildings, you may also try and walk on the “Skywalk”, a small glass walk that lets you catch a glimpse of the sea beneath your feet.

Since there are many trails within the Park, the possibilities are numerous and you will be able to decide whether to walk for 30 minutes or several hours. All in all, a very enjoyable trail!

(Jiyeon add -->) After hiking, Yes! we need protein!! Let's go to one of the best restaurant nearby our hostel, Galbi place !! Haha Aude, you are the Galbi Queen!! :)

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