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Journal log 15: Geumjeongsanseong Fortress Hiking!

Finally winter is moving out, I can feel spring with soft wind so Yes! it is the start time for hiking to the mountains. Even though today has air dust alarm I tie my trekking shoes strings.

금정산성 Geumjeongsanseong is the largest fortress in Korea (length: about 17 Km). It was built 300 years ago at 1701~1703 to defend against foreign enemies. It has four gates and watchtowers, and it forms a beautiful view with the surrounding mountains. It is a popular tourist spot for mountain hikers and travelers.

Today I choose the trek from East gate to North gate of Geumjeongsanseong. I would say, this 3.8 Km trail is the most representative view of Fortress like a postcard at souvenir shop. And then I go down to Beomeosa Temple.

* East Gate - 3.8 Km(1.5 hr) - North Gate - 1.6 Km(40 mins) - Beomeosa Temple *

Take a 203 bus at Oncheonjang metro station(bus stop is located on opposite side of exit 3) to East gate(동문), 20 mins bus ride through zigzag mountain road.

Part of fortress wall is restored. Sadly, however, many parts still remain like rocky ruins.

How spectacular views of the city, all four directions around!

Fortress wall nearby North gate is well restored, looks beautiful.Then go through the gate down to Beomeosa Temple, the trail from North gate to the temple is very rocky, so many rocks , it could be slippery. watch out!

When I arrived at the temple it was 6pm. I heard drum sound and bell sound, it was not long time, for 5~10 mins, very beautiful harmony with birds singing at silent temple site.

Drum sound informs that evening service starts soon.

Beomeosa 범어사, which stands at the eastern foot of Mt. Geumjeongsan, is one of the most famous patriotic temples. It has a long history. The great Buddhist monk Uisang 의상 constructed the temple in 678 during the Silla Period.

There are bus stop just outside of entrance heading down to metro station. Bus 90 goes to Beomeosa metro station(line 1), 10 mins bus ride.

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