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Journal log 8: Jeolleong Coastal Walkway

Sometimes I get very bored with daily routine life, I just go for a walk, to insert fresh air into my brain and heart. Busan is the best place for walking without thought. Just looking at the ocean or getting inside busy local market between old small houses, there are enough interesting and have enough strong air too. :) haha

Today I choose Jeolleong Coastal Walkway (절영해안 산책로), there is 3km walking trail along the east coastline in Yeongdo-gu, Jeolleong was old name of Yeongdo which is an island connected with main land by two big bridges. This trail takes about 2 hours with many interesting things like mosaic wall paintings, rainbow fountain, rope bridge and observatories etc.

Female divers, 해녀 Haenyeo, are selling raw fishes and seafood. It would be very nice to try local fresh seafood siting with beautiful ocean view.

At this resting point, I turn to ‘Huinyeoul-village’ (흰여울 마을) small village just beside seashore up hill, poor elderly people used to live here and now government made here more bright with some art work as Gamcheon culture village. So quite interesting with small houses and alleys, some murals, pretty plants . . and also street cat’s gaze :)

Yes! There is one of very pleasant walking trail in Busan. I should come here again to finish the course.

* Directions : Take a bus 82, 85, 508 at opposite side of Busan station then get off the stop of 부산보건고(Busan Bogeon high school) It takes 30mins bus ride.

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