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Journal log 10: Igidae Coastal Walk

Igidae Coastal Walk (이기대 해안산책로)

One of Busan’s lesser-known scenic trails 4.7km, great for the novice hiker! The whole trek is essentially a line, and you can approach it from either end. The direction from Oryukdo Skywalk is easier because of stairs downward. This trail is where you can see Gwangan Bridge at a slightly different angle. It is a hidden view point whose real view is known to only a few people. The coastal walk gives you a chance to appreciate this area's natural beauty of the sea and jagged cliffs.

[Igidae Galmaet-gil] Oryukdo Skywalk - Oryukdo Sunrise Park - Nongbawi Rock - Eoulmadang - Dongsaengmal (4.7km, 2.5 hours walk)

We expected to see these yellow little flowers(canola, rape flower) but now it was still in the cold with strong wind.

The trail was very natural and beautiful along the coastal line. Recently outdoor activity is getting so popular to Korean as if hiking and Climbing mountain would become national sports, Although it was pretty cold I saw some hiking community groups with perfect outdoor gear.

And I met some fishing people against strong wind and wave, the amazing Gwangan bridge and marine city were nice background.

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