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Journal log 14: 4 days in Busan

So I start my trip with a KTX Korean railways trip from Seoul to Busan (At this time, I start feeling that every time I get like comfortable or know the city, I’m leaving for another one). It’s a very pleasant trip of less than 3 hours in very good trains. Seoul to Busan is a very busy route, specially on weekends. I learned that the hard way, arriving to the train station and realizing there that the 1st train with available seats was at 4.30pm (I arrived there at 12m ).

Anyway, after some KFC (Korean Fried Chicken in an actual KFC, but this one tastes completely different, not like the tasteless US version) and waiting in the train station, I head to Busan. I arrive around 8 pm and head to my hostel. The hostel is really nice, hosted by Jiyeon, which happened to know Colombia a lot (more than I at least!), and this hostel is located like in the entertainment district for foreigners, which is like a Russian-Chinese managed red light/commercial district, quite interesting to see Russian signs in what looks like a Chinatown, in Korea.

Next day I’m headed to the Yonggungsa temple, a unique Buddhist temple that lays in the shore (not in the mountains like the common ones), however, due to the geography of it, it kind of is like a mountain or a cliff in the sea. I happen to realize once I’m there that May 22nd is the Buddha’s birthday celebration, so everything is decorated with lanterns!, Pretty colorful!

I’m heading later to the Haeundae Beach, which is holding (or starting at least) the summer festival. It has some very impressive sand sculptures, with a lot of designs! It has a small street/market with some very interesting seafood (like lobster cones, or something I didn’t even ask what it was!).

Later, headed to the Gwangan Bridge, a really nice bridge that connects Udong with Yongho districts, and it has a light show in the nights. There are some really nice restaurants in the area, and the look is fantastic!, kind of like Copacabana beach because of the shape of the bay, and the big buildings next to it.

Next day, headed to the Gamcheon Culture Village, which as I read is like the Korean Santorini, I believe mostly because of the blue roofs, but I haven’t been to Greece so I don’t know what they are talking about!. Anyway, It actually is a culture village!, It looks like a street art district, with a lot of interesting displays, sculptures, wall art, .., it is actually cultural, more than the fact that you can get a real nice picture with the district of Gamcheon and its port at the back. (Tip, if you ever go there, there is a bus that can take you from the train station to the top. You can walk as I did, but is not easy!)

Next stop headed to the Jagalchi fish market and WOW!. It is a freaking 5 store building with more street stores around it! Reaaaally impressive, I saw some sea creatures that I only have heard about in the Discovery Channel!, and you can buy them fresh (like swimming alive fresh!) There is a floor where you can buy also a great variety of dried sea food! (I told my girlfriend this was her hell, and I truly believe that!, she doesn’t like sea food, and this was a heaven for sea food lovers!. I can eat sea food and I love it, but I saw some stuff here that I would not eat not even in my worst nightmares!)

I was so impressed, that I just had for lunch like a fried fish, with the traditional Korean side dishes. Really good food, for only 7000Won (like 7USD), kind of interesting how fried fish with soy and wasabi tastes like (like real wasabi, root smashed and served, not the cheap one that comes with the sushi in other countries).

And the last stop for the day is the Taejongdae resort. It is actually just like a view point for a light house in a small island like a mile away from the shore, but the view is breathtaking!

Next day I’m headed to the Oryukdo Skywalk, which is actually pretty disappointing. It is a skywalk of around 15 meters (like 7 and a half going and the other half coming), so there is like a small part where you can see at the sea below your feet. However, there is a hiking pathway that goes through the forest and the shore and the cliff next to it, which is really impressive. It is a 5km walk, which is really though if you are not like fit. I had to stop at the middle for a 20 Mins break, then I continue it. It is actually pretty rewarding since at the end, there are some awesome views of the Gwangan bridge, from the outer side!.

To close Busan, I’m headed to the Samgwansa temple, which is holding the lantern festival for Buddha’s birthday! Here another great stop for KFC, and then walking up to the temple!. I will not say much, just let my lenses do the talking:

Especially like this picture, I didn’t realize how good it look like until I took it to the iPad. The Korean couple just looking around gave it a really natural look!

So, Korea is just awesome!, great people, lovely places, delicious food, good soju, awesome party, nice picture places… I can’t be more grateful from this country (except for Juju Arline’s, you mor*ns are not charging me 80Kwon for my small red bag!, not even all that is in there is worth 80USD!)n , it’s been a delight to be here, I’m sure that changing China for Korea was a great decision!. Next Stop, un-planned Cebu, Philippines!

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