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Journal log 11: 2hrs Nice Hike, Geumgang park – Seokbulsa temple – Mandeok

Geumgang park – Seokbulsa temple – Mandeok(금강공원 – 석불사 – 만덕역, 2hrs)

To make the trip up to Seokbulsa a little less challenging, here are some tips :

- Bring lots of water!

- Take the cable car up from the bottom of the mountain to save yourself about 45 mins.

- Ask for directions! Even if you think you may be on the right track, don’t hesitate to ask a local where the temple is.

Getting There :

- Walk from ‘Oncheonjang’ station (온천장, line #1) exit 1 to Geumgang park (금강공원) : 15mins. Turn left from exit 1, walk 200m and cross the car road at the first cross walk, then follow the sign near GS25(convenience store).

- Take a cable car(ropeway) in the Geumgang park(one-way 5,000 KRW, every 20mins) up to the top of Geumjeong mountain.

- After the cable car ride up the mountain, follow the signs to the South Gate(남문) of Geumjeongsanseong Fortress.

- From the South Gate, follow the sign to South gate village(남문마을). Don’t get through the South Gate. You will arrive in Nammun village, where there are restaurants and foot volleyball courts.

- Walk to the end of the village until you can’t walk straight anymore and turn right onto a narrow dirt path. Follow this path until you reach another restaurant ahead of you and turn left on to a larger dirt path leading to a small wooded bridge traversing a small stream.

- You will end up on a major path. Follow this through the trees, down a large dirt stair-case and down another stairs next to a stream. Continue down the stairs until you reach a large paved road. Turn right onto this road.

- The paved road will lead you all the way up to Seokbulsa temple. It gets quite steep toward the end.

- On your return, follow the paved road all the way down the mountain. Or take a dirt path in trees leading the signs Bus stop/Subway(Manduk), it will take 20mins until the end of path, a restaurant 메아리 산장.

-You will see a big car road all of sudden. Turn right and walk down 15mins beside the car road to nearest subway station, Mandeok exit 2 (만덕, line #3).

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