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Journal log 6: Hike to Godangbong, the highest peak of Busan

Beautiful late spring, let's go hike to see green trees!

금정산 Geumjeongsan is a representative guardian mountain of Busan, and has a legend that says, "A golden fish came down from the sky riding a five-color iridescent cloud. The fish came to well on the mountain ridge and played by it." As such, the mountain was named Geumjeongsan, which means " a mountain with a golden well ". A forest surrounds each valley of Geumjeongsan. Clean water flows along the valley, and strange looking granite rock formations and cliffs make up the magnificent scenery of the area.

Hike started from Beomeosa Temple. Beomeosa 범어사 was built by the great monk Uisang in 678 during the reign of King MunMu of the Silla dynasty, as one of HwaEom temples in Korea. Along with Haeinsa and Tongdosa, Beomeosa is one of the three largest temples in Youngnam province, and home to Buddhist assets and famous great monks.

The "Gold Fish" was appeared again to the origin of Beomeosa. The temple was named after "gold well", means "gold-colored fish from the heaven".

Within the temple there are several cultural artifacts and heritages, which have been designated as national treasures.

What a magnificent view! North gate of Geumjeongsanseong Fortress

The way to Geumsaem 금샘(gold spring/well)

This is the celebrity, Geumsaem 금샘! it looks very small though :(

We had very nice shots of the life!

Finally we stand on the highest point of Busan, Godangbong peak(고당봉)! Yahooo~

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